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Steven and his wife, Kylene, live in Chesterfield with their three beautiful children, Alexis, Tatum, and Luke, who are all enrolled in Chesterfield County Public Schools.

Growing up in a low-income home in rural Southern New Jersey, Steven learned the value of hard work while working through high school at a local restaurant and starting his own lawn service company during the summer months. Throughout his life, Steven has had the honor of being mentored by many influential people, such as the former Congressman from New Jersey’s 2nd District, Frank LoBiondo. Congressman LoBiondo taught Steven the importance of bipartisan work to truly impact the value of the American way of life.

After graduating high school, Steven spent time in collegiate studies, focusing on History and Theology, before joining the United States Marine Corps. While serving in Iraq, he was assigned to a Marine Corps Police detachment, which focused on the capture and detention of enemy combatants. Additionally, in support of the unit Chaplain, Steven assisted in various activities which helped meet the spiritual needs of his fellow Marines.

While in the Corps, Steven tragically lost one of his closest friends, Isaac Dommert, who was from Chester, Virginia. It was through this bond with Isaac that Steven eventually moved to the Chester area and met his wife, Kylene.

Together, they have served the local community through public service and volunteering in various organizations. Steven is a firm believer in the need to uphold the standards around school safety, Special Education, improvement of academic standards, and accountability of all school administration.

Steven is the Director of Operations for a local healthcare company and strives to better the lives of those in need. As a combat veteran, he understands the importance of teamwork and driving hard until success is reached. His desire is to be your advocate on the school board where the voice of the parent must be heard, and together, our children are not used for political agendas, rather, fostered and educated to lead the future that awaits us.

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